Hal 4 is the collective workshop and studio of designers Anne Brandhøj, Jonas Edvard, Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Nikolaj Steenfatt and Troels Flensted, located in the industrial harbour area of Nordhavn in the Danish capital. Although working independently, the group shares the common goal of producing progressive work that challenges the status of contemporary design today. Woking in a variety of conventional and more experimental mediums, individually the work of Hal 4 has been exhibited internationally from Paris and Stockholm, to Milan and London, and part of exhibitions such as Mindcraft and Wallpaper Handmade.



Anne Brandhøj (1984) graduated from KADK in 2017. She is working in the area within aesthetic and environmental sustainability. A part of aesthetic sustainability is to create furniture with an aesthetic expression that is durable over time. For example, using materials that, as they are being used will become more beautiful, and through that achieve a higher aesthetic value.

By incorporating that the design will develop over time Anne’s attempt is to create furniture, which through strong and long-term relationships with its users, goes against a throw-away mentality because the user ultimately will consume less.



Jonas Edvard is a young Danish designer working and living in Copenhagen Denmark. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy, School of Design with an MA in product design. With an alchemist’s approach to the design process Edvard experiments with natural resources and creates products where the perception of the material places the object in a new context.

With a renewed focus on the aesthetic value and functionality of raw materials Jonas Edvard explores the possibilities of sustainable design. His work is focused on a research into raw and natural materials, the history of their use and the future of their existence.



Nikolai Kotlarczyk is an Australian designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2013. Graduating from the Queensland College of Arts, his experience in Australia was strongly influenced by his time with renowned design and manufacturing house Tait. Nikolai’s studio focuses on design pieces full of narrative. A strong connection with geography, history, materiality and rituals can be seen within his pieces. Working within a self-expressed decorative minimalist style, his work aims to simplify the act of storytelling through an honest pallet of materials, and bold forms.


Nikolaj Steenfatt (b.1987) works in the field of furniture and product design. Based on an interest in materials, surfaces and production processes, he aims to explore the properties of the materials in his design. Serendipity plays a key role in his experiments, where random developments are allowed to influence the outcome. His work has been honoured with scholarships and design

His work has been honoured with scholarships and design awards, and is represented at Designmuseum Denmark and Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design. Nikolaj Steenfatt is also a part of the duo Edvard & Steenfatt with designer Jonas Edvard.

Troels Flensted (1987) graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 2014. In January 2015, he moved back to his native Denmark and founded his experimental design studio in Copenhagen. Flensted’s studio is exploring the potential within material behaviour, colours and manufacturing processes, and finds inspiration in the aesthetic and undiscovered possibilities deriving from combining the three. His work is often minimalistic in its shape, allowing the materials’ own characteristics to shine.

His studio has been nominated and won several Young Talent awards across Europe including the ‘Talent á la Carte Award’ by Maison&Objet. In April 2017 he received a Bronze Award by A’ Design Award for his Poured Collection.